Water temp was ~50°F. I haven't done this type of cold submersion in 5 months and WOW does it feel good to be back. It's time to take it up a notch. Thanks to Wim Hof and Jesse Itzler for the strategy and motivation to do this.

Today I got my first ever tattoo! Thanks to @dayzwhun at Red Lion Tattoo for the ink today, I appreciate you big homie. Background music provided by myself and Malik X (@king_lftg). Ambition never dies. #Maclin #podcast #tattoo

Have you ever wanted to write a poem? Here are some simple tips and tricks that I use in order to help me write poetry. It is incredibly simple to write one poem - finding your style and topics to write on is another challenge.

Old dogs CAN learn new tricks. I believe that every day offers a new opportunity for humans to learn more ways to help themselves and the people around them. There is nothing that I can't learn. #Maclin #podcast #learning

Ian takes a moment to remind himself of the importance of reflection after a long and intimate journey into the self. For him, taking time to apply the knowledge that he's learned throughout his travels is paramount to his current well-being and future success. Thank you for stopping by, Ian!

I make these videos so that I can get my ideas out into the open and see how I actually feel about them when I listen back. I also like to make these videos so that people around me or that will be around me in the future can catch a glimpse of who I truly am without any sort of facade or barrier to my being.

Always in a rush to go nowhere. Today I chose to stay the course and instead of taking time I let time take me.

There is a lack of encouragement in this world towards people who are trying to do the things they are interested in. It can be a hard fight to keep going when it seems like nobody believes in you. I believe that building my own kingdom from within will find it's way into the material world.

Thank you Nipsey Hussle. Another legend lost. His legacy and mindset will live on through the people he has inspired.

I am a philosopher. My relentless pursuit of knowledge has taken me far within myself and has encouraged me to ask increasingly difficult questions as I go further and further in my life. One thing that has challenged my thoughts is the book called "Zen and The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance" by Robert Pirsig.

With social media engagement it's important to remember that there is an actual person on the other side of the handle. How you engage with that person can bring a lot of positive engagement back to you! Thanks to Jordan Sanford of Sanford Social for a thought provoking talk yesterday on the state of social media.

Dream a little dream.

Self-doubt can be extremely clarifying if looked at properly. I need to remember my patience.. Walking helps me clear my mind and remember where I'm trying to go.

I am looking for a $1 million investment for a creative space in Cleveland, OH. I have the talent, work ethic and ideas to bring a big return for a long time to come. I am willing to devote all my time and effort to this dream, all I need is someone to believe in me.

Who am I? Here's a little introduction to that question! Eventually I trail off into some goals I have as well.

Synchronicity, Confirmation bias and George Hotz. Yesterday, my thoughts took me to the ends of the universe and beyond. Thanks to George's SXSW talk, I had some existential questions resurface and I found some of the answers I've been looking for.

People are everything. All information you will ever gain will come from another person. Be the tree branch open to the resting bird.

How do money and energy relate? I don't like to waste time, energy, or money. What I put in almost always seems to come back out. S/O to some up and coming artists from Cleveland - Young Cap and Owen River. These guys are doing some cool things rn.

What does it mean to catch a fish every day? It means to go out there and satisfy your hunger regardless of the circumstances. Making something you are proud of is a great way to fulfill that need.

Listening to my own advice to help me turn a negative situation back into a positive through manifestation.

I should probably listen to the people that are trying to help me rather than pretend I know everything.

Fresh morning time on a sunny Wednesday.

Attempt #3 of this episode. Today I learned some valuable lessons that will help me continue to create these videos. The process is my favorite teacher.

Love is a color with many lateral shades and hues. It should flow easily like water running downhill over a course that will choose itself.

Perfection and Limitations. Limitations breed creativity and perfectionism is an ailment that can prevent most people from ever releasing their creations into the world. How do you feel about limiting your work materials?

Are super powers real? Following your heart and intuition can take you to some wonderful places. I believe in always questioning everything, but if you're going in a positive direction - maybe you're doing something right. Today my mic cut out towards the end of the video.

A fine day by the frozen lake

"Words weigh nothing on the page, But are worth their weight in gold in the heart and soul." Today my mind took me through some of my recent writings. In this video I talk about starting with the right materials when creating something, creating something at least once a day for the expression of it and, much more.
Today I talked about the origin of my name, some goals I have, thoughts on yoga, how I don't want to tell anyone how or what to think and the privacy issues in the age of information.

2.26.19 - Talking a little about my day today and some tips to get through creative blocks. Skip to the 2:30 mark to hear an anecdote about #creativity.

My thoughts performed.